18yo Ebony Doll face Babysits My Stepdaughter And I Let Her Ride Me For Extra Cash – Peter Green fucks Ada Vera

He is a divorced good looking man with kids. She is a super- hot young black woman, babysitting his children. She has been looking after his children for a few years. The attraction between them has been undeniable. During the lock down, the sexual tension was raised to the intolerable level as she was wearing revealing clothes often and was working around the house flashing her sexy ass at him. He watched her and he was aroused by her hotness. They normally put the kids to sleep and have dinner and watch television on the sofa together and this day the sexual heat takes them far beyond their usual evening routine. 

Link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=64c7b128be894

Models: Ada Vera, Peter Green

Production: Teamskeet

Duration: 31 Minutes and 41 Seconds

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This night they are watching TV together seated close to each other.  He gets bold enough and puts his arm around her. She too snuggles up to him. Then he pulls her on to his lap and starts to kiss her full on her mouth. She too kisses him back while grinding on his cock which makes it really hard. He invites her into his bedroom as he couldn’t take it anymore. She agrees.

Once in the room, he takes off her clothes, exposing her beautiful, pieced round boobs. Excited at this gorgeous sight, he starts kissing and sucking on those great boobs and also her mouth.  She unbuttons his shirt and removes it. He takes her panty off revealing her shaved pussy. He goes down on her, starts licking her pussy and then continue to eat it. He spends a long time eating her pussy to his hearts’ content and then he makes her go on all fours and places himself behind her and he continue to suck on her for a little longer. He then removes his pants and starts fucking her from behind in the doggy style. She moans as he thrusts in and out of her, one hard stroke after another. He keeps fucking her pussy in the same position and then he keeps his hand on her throat and the other hand on her hip. Holding her tightly he pushes his cock deeper in to her juicy pussy. Her moans become louder. He fucks her nice and really hard for a while in the same position. He then lies on his back. She saddles on his cock and starts riding him. She jumps up and down his hard cock while making her boobs bounce like crazy creating a lovely vision. She goes on fucking him and then gets up to face him and sits back on his cock and continues to ride him making it easy for him to fondle with her boobs and suck on them. She fucks him in the same position for a longtime and then gets off his dick and starts playing with it. She spits on it and sucks while playing with it using her hands. She sucks his piece of meat for a very long time as if it was her last meal.

Then he gets up and makes her lie on her back, she puts one leg over his shoulders. He slides his cock back into her wet pussy and starts to bang her with no mercy making her scream out loud. One thrust after another he bangs her like there is no tomorrow. He spend quality time banging her hungry pussy. When he is about to cum, he takes his cock out of her pussy and sits on her chest, jerking himself until he shoots a heavy load of hot cum on her face.

She sleeps in his bed that night and wakes up early in the morning before his kids wake up. They make plans to continue this new found fucking adventure every night.

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