Aidra Fox and Maddy O’Reilly Lesbian Sex Over Baseball


Models: Maddy Oreilly, Aidra Fox

Duration: 24 Minutes and 55 Seconds

Categories: Babe,Brunette,Lesbian,Pornstar,Teen (18+),Small Tits,Pussy Licking

Two hot girls are practicing baseball, both dressed in white shirts & sexy shorts. They look similar, same height, same hair color and same hotness. Wiggling their asses more than playing the game, they appear to be flirting with each other.

They share a kiss while outdoors. One girl takes the other girl by the hand and walks towards their room. They then start kissing each other. While kissing, the girl who is laying on the bed gets her body touched by the other. She slowly opens her girl’s shirt exposing one gorgeous boob & starts running her tongue on her nipple. Then she kisses her beautiful long neck. She goes back to kiss her boob and then back to kissing her mouth, they kiss each other while she’s fondling the exposed boob with her hand. Then she opens her shirt to expose the other boob. Kneels down next to her and kisses all the way from her belly up to her perfect tits. She nibbles on her partner’s nipples one at a time, with her tongue. And goes back on to her lips sharing a passionate lip lock while her partner unbuttons her shirt and starts kissing her boobs. She strokes her partner’s body with her fingers with such tenderness. She runs her hand over the partner’s short stroking her pussy while they are kissing each other’s lips.

She goes down on her partner’s belly and licks her pussy over the short. She runs her hand into the short and feels her pussy. Her partner twitches in pleasure as she runs her tongue over her pussy. She keeps licking her pussy, removing her shorts. She continues to eat her yummy pussy with soft tongue strokes. This goes on for a while longer. Then she puts two fingers in her love tunnel and slowly starts fingering in & out of her. Her partner too strokes her clit herself. Then she starts to move her hip. She replaces her partner’s hand with her tongue, licking her clit and making her moan. She then kneels while her fingers are still working on her, she reaches over to her lips and kisses her. She keeps on fingering her pussy and her strokes become harder. Taking her partner’s leg over her shoulder, the thrusting of her fingers becomes solid and her partner too starts stroking her clit at the same rhythm and speed which makes her cum.

The partner tosses her on the bed belly down and they indulge in a passionate mouth on mouth kiss. Then she goes down placing soft kisses down her back running her hand up and down her sexy ass through to her pussy. She works her fingers in her pussy while nibbling on her ear and back of her neck. Her hand picks up great speed making her moan. She continues to fuck her with her fingers till her cum.

Then she sits on her face and grinds her pussy on her mouth. The one laying down, strokes herself with her hand. Then they indulge in a yummy 69. They both suck and lick each other. Then they both get on their fours and start to masturbate looking at each other. Finally one girl climbs on the other’s body and kisses her.

Why We Love It

Watching lesbians in action is a fantasy of so many men and women alike. Two extremely hot women enjoying each other’s pussies to the heart’s content is really pleasurable and you surely would watch the whole movie with great hunger for these two yummy lesbians.

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