Teen best friend wants sex – Willow Rider – perfect girlfriend – Alex Adams

Link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=642d55b743eac

Models: Alex Adams, Willow Ryder

Duration: 22 Minutes and 40 Seconds

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After a tiresome workout, the girl in a hot pink body hugging t-shirt and a yellow butt short looking fit and sexy, is talking with her gym buddy about the progress of the workouts as she feels her ass looks good now. She asks the guy an embarrassing question, which is whether he is gay because they’ve been hanging out for over a month and he hasn’t made a move on her. And he asks if she has a boyfriend, as he was under the impression that she might be having one. She tells him that she doesn’t and also that she likes him. She says that she has been feeling horny for weeks now. He admits that he also liked her but was reluctant to make a move.

Rubbing his cock over his short, she keeps talking how turned on she was while working out in the gym watching him workout. She pulls his shorts down saying “let’s see what you’ve got”, after seeing his dick and the size of it she gets excited for more. She doesn’t waste her time but takes it in her mouth. She rubs it with her hand and gives it a good hard suck creating a slurping sound. She keeps sucking his throbbing dick and continues talking to him. She licks his balls too, taking each one in her mouth and sucking on them while giving him a hand job. Making it even more tempting she goes down even further and sticks her tongue in his asshole. She takes his dick back in her mouth, working her tongue on the tip of his dick and then deep-throat it like a nasty pro.

She removes her shorts, and plays with her pussy while her feet rubbing his dick. A few minutes after she climbs on to him and sits on his dick. He lifts her t-shirt showing her beautiful boobs and fondles her tight nipples. He sticks his thumb in her mouth as she takes the whole length of his hard dick in her pussy and bounces on it making his dick disappear in her hole. She keeps moaning as she keeps on riding him. Her moaning gets louder as she increases her speed. She then gets off him and takes his dick back in her mouth, tasting her own pussy juices off his dick. Then she lies on him again facing away from him, showing her sexy little ass to him. He grabs her ass. She’s wiggling her sexy ass as she kept fucking him. Her moaning becomes more sensual and loud.

Changing positions, she lies on her back spreading her legs and holding it over her shoulders while he sticks his dick back into her wet pussy. He keeps fucking her pussy while grabbing her boobs & sticking his thumb in her mouth. She rubs her clit while his dick keeps disappearing in and out of her pussy with one solid thrust after another.

Then she gets on all fours and lets him saddle her pussy in doggy style and starts wiggling her ass on his dick bouncing on it. They keep fucking each other like that till he’s about to cum. Then he takes his stick from her pussy and she starts licking his balls while he gives himself a hand job shooting a good load of cum into her greedy mouth. She licks him clean and promises to repeat this adventure again and again.

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