We Fucked Our Uber Driver – Lela Star

Link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e1a3b464a63f

Models: Lela Star

Duration: 16 Minutes and 50 Seconds

Categories: Amateur, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, FFM, Threesome, POV, Pornstar, Public Threesome

Two hot girls are waiting for their Uber driver to pick them up, while talking about how hot he looks in the picture in the Uber app. They talk about what they could do to him if he is hot in reality too.

Once in the cab, two girls ask the driver whether he doesn’t mind them taking a few pictures of themselves inside the cab. When he gives his consent, one girl asks him if he could click a few pictures of them. He agrees and takes their phone and seeing that it was on the video mode, he tells that to the girls, they say it’s OK to keep it on the video mode, and ask just to hold it steady.

Both girls are wearing black sexy short dresses and one starts pulling down the cleavage of the other revealing her hot tits in black bra. Then one girl asks the driver if he would like to see her ass. He doesn’t want to miss the chance, at once he says that he would love to. She kneels on the back seat of the car and wiggles her sexy ass at him. The other girl also asks if he would like to see her ass too and she also gets on her knees and wiggles her ass at him.

One of the girls introduces herself as a porn-star and asks the guy to come and sit with them so that she can show him her sexy skills. Surprise…surprise…, he gladly joins them! The two girls keep fondling each other’s boobs, while talking to the driver. Then they kiss each other on the mouth and ask if that turns him on. He says that it does. One girl takes her dress off revealing her hot ass to him. The other girl too does the same. They continue to touch each other’s boobs in a very sexy manner making the driver go wild. They keep chatting in a sexy voice asking him if this has ever happened to him before, he says that this is the best thing that has happened to him in this car.

The girls keep playing with their boobs, and start sucking and licking on their perfectly round boobs. Then they start feeling his cock over his pants, after feeling how hard it has become they take off his pants. They both get excited after seeing how big it is and instantly take it into their hand and start playing with it. One girl quickly takes it into her mouth, licks it and gives the other girl a taste of it. One point they both run their tongues on his hard cock and touch each other’s tongues. They take turns on his piece of meat like they are feasting on something very delicious.

Being a perfect gentleman, he asks for permission to touch their boobs. They continue to blow him till one girl sits on him. She rides his cock while the other girl rubs her pussy and licks her tits. After a while she gets off him and gives his cock a lick. Few minutes later, the other girl sits on his happy cock. She starts riding him while he squeezes her perfect tits. The other girl too keeps touching her friend’s body with her hand and tongue. A little longer into that, she gets off his cock and they both go down with their mouths and tongues on his lucky cock. They suck him until he cum in their mouth. They both lick him clean.

Why We Love It

This is one heck of a sexy adventure with a total stranger. It’s rare you get to fuck two babes while earning some cash being an Uber driver. Who wouldn’t want to watch this type of random fuck, especially in the back seat of a car with two gorgeous women? It is a hot and horny movie worth watching.

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