Stunning Teen Lily Larimar Babysitter is Obsessed With Her Boss’ Thick Dick – TeamSkeet Nanny


Models: Brock Cooper, Lily Larimar

Duration: 40 Minutes

Categories: Babe, Blonde, HD Porn, Hardcore, Old/Young (18+), Pornstar, Reality, Role Play, Small Tits, Teen (18+)

After a busy day at work he comes home dead tired, wanting to have a hot shower and to put his feet up, but he has to take over the kids from the babysitter as his wife won’t be coming home anytime soon. Though he releases the babysitter after her shift of work, this super sexy young girl with a gorgeous body and blond hair, dressed in a body hugging short white dress showing off her curves in all the right places, offers to stay longer. As the kids already asleep, there isn’t much to do but he is thankful for her thoughtful gesture.

He goes into the bathroom, opens the shower letting the water run, takes off his office clothes and gets in the shower. She watches him without his knowledge.  Feeling horny seeing her Boss’s naked body, she starts touching herself, running her fingers up and down her fluffy pussy, fondling her boobs while he is still in the shower unaware of her being there doing that. Once he is done with his shower, she quickly leaves the bathroom door. He comes into the bedroom naked just covering his dick with a towel and lies down on the bed with just the towel on his dick. She then comes into the room and makes small talk. She says that she’s been having a crush on him since the first time he dropped her back home after babysitting his kids. Seeing his nice thick and long dick she slowly touches it. He too gets turned on when she touches his dick, so he kisses her on the mouth. She kisses him back being the horny little slut she is. She starts going down on him, taking his thick dick in her mouth and giving it a good great awesome suck. She deep throats it and almost gets choked by his fine piece of meat.

Then she sits on his face giving him a taste of her young pussy. He gives her pussy a good lick and sucks, making her moan out loud. She reaches down on his dick while he is still busy sucking her off. She starts to suck his dick creating a perfect 69 view. After a while she takes off her clothes and sits on his thick dick facing away from him taking his thick and long tool in her tight little pussy. She then turns around facing him, sits back on the rock hard dick, giving him full access to her boobs. She keeps riding him until he starts to move his hips fucking her hard. He then lift her tiny body and toss her on the bed and fucks her in doggy style ramming his hard piece of meat in her tight pussy nice and hard. He keeps fucking her as if there’s no second chance.

She takes his super hard dick in her mouth and gives it yet another suck while playing it with her hands. He toss her again on the bed on her back and then kneels in-between her legs inserting his dick in her pussy and continues to fuck the young filthy slut. He keeps shoving his tool in and out of her pussy making her scream out loud. When he was about to cum, he takes his weapon out of her pussy and she gives it another god damn blow job. She keeps sucking and fondling with it until he blows a load of hot cum right on to her hungry face.

Why We Love It

No doubt we all have fancied the babysitter on our bed. But, it’s a rare chance you get which you don’t want to miss. Then, think about the time your babysitter herself comes to you and offers her tight pussy for a good fuck? Not every day you get a chance to fuck a young slutty bitch like her. So, this man lives a fantasy most of the guys secretly wishes to experience. That’s the main reason to love this movie. On top of that his stamina being a middle aged man, is unbelievable which makes you want to see him doing the deed we all want to do.

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